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These are just a few of our satisfied students.

Philip D.

Hi Cherice,

Good news: I passed!!!!!!! (Thanks to you!) It says my score is: 88%. Thank God!!!!!! Now, on to the CPC-H!!! I'm looking forward to it!


Lori R.

Thanks Cherice. I learned this morning that I also passed the CPC-H. I

really thought the CPC-H was an easier exam, but surprisingly, I scored

higher on the CPC than the CPC-H! ?

Thanks for all your help,


Mary N.

Hi Cherice,

Just wanted to let you know I passed ----------- not so good with CPC-H (71%) but looks like 84% CPC. Hope your new years day is going good. Will be a quiet one for me. Please keep in touch and let me know about any classes, etc. you will be having. Call me anytime........Mary

Trina H.


Happy New Year!

Haven't received written noticed yet; but, I went online and saw that I passed the exam.



Connie M.

Hi Cherice:

I passed my exam with an 85%.

Thank you!

Tanya B.

 I just want to say a special thank to Cherice for all your help and encouragement. I took the CPC class and passed on my first try. I like the fact that when I told you long after my classes ended that I need more help that you took the time to help me. I will recommend you to everyone one I know. You are the best!! Tanya

Leslie M.

Cherice, yay! We did it! I passed the exam- 85%! Thank you for your time, expertise & encouragement! You & AAPC have been so helpful & supportive. Thank you for helping change my life & my family's future!!

Yolanda R.

Cherice, thanks to your guidance and support, I passed the CPC exam on the first try! I am very excited to be moving forward now that I have passed the exam. I know that your instruction and encouragement as I worked through the course really helped me. Thank you so much! Yolonda R

Jacqueline G.

Cherice thank you for your motivation and guidance over the years. I pass the CRC exam again on my first attempt. My third certification that you gave me support and help for me to accomplish this success.

Andrea G.

Cherice, THANK YOU! I passed my CPC on my first try. Even thou our classes were suspended during COVID you were still available to me. Your presentation and connection with our class helped to inspire me to keep going. Thanks again!

Adriana L.

Wanted to let you know I PASSED!! So glad I did, that test was stressful. Thank you.

Lois M.

           WE ALL PASSED . . . .

Cherice, Thanks for your patience with us. God Bless you in your work.

Take Care  

Amanda B.

I just wanted to let you guys know that i passed my test and became certified on 12-17.  I am now a CPC-A. I scored a 91% on my test. Thanks to Cherice Witter!!!!

Hey Cherice!!! i did it i passed my exam :) i got a 91% YAY!!!!!!!!

thank you so much :)

Amanda C. B.

Joanna L.

Hi Cherice,

Just wanted to send a quick email to thank you for your guidance these past several months. I passed my certificiation test with a 93%! Hopefully it's onward and upward from here! :)

Thanks again,


Tonya W.

Hi Cherice,

Just wanted to let you know I passed the exam on the second round. 84%!

Thank you,


Tina L.

Hi Cherice -

I wanted to give you the good news. I found out that I passed the CPC-H!! Yay! Thank you for all of your help and guidance. I learned alot in the class. You never know, maybe I'll go for another certification, so I might be in a future class. You never know. . . :)

Thanks again for everything!


Tina L

Sridevi P.

Hello Cherice : I just wanted to give update, 

I have passed CPC exam

one month ago. Thanks again for your support.

please keep me in your Job listing email distribution .



Rebecca M.

Hello Cherise, I hope all is well with you and your family. I wanted you to be one of the first people to know that …I passed my test with an 80%!!!! Thank you SOOOO much for all of your help in preparing me for the test! Xoxo Rebecca

Megan K.

Hi Cherice, Just wanted to let you know that I passed the CPC-H exam! Thank you for the class! Megan K

Sylvia C.

Hi Cherice, Hope you're doing well. I took my CPC-H exam on 09/08 and received my results on Friday. I passed with a score of 80. So I'm DONE... for now but I do want to take your course on CPMA sometime early next year. I'll be in touch. Thank you for all your help and words of encouragement. Sylvia Candelaria PS. If you hear of any remote coding positions available, let me know!

Nicole C.

I PASSED TOO:) I took my exam on June 23rd. All that studying really does pay off. Thanks, Nicole C.

Rose A.

Dear Cherice, Lat week May 12th I took my exam and got my results today I passed with 74% score. Thank you for all the help you gave in the past months. what is the next step I have to do ?Can you help me with the resume. I am thinking of the Project Extern ,Is that ok? thanks, Rose.

Debbie B.

I passed my CPC exam with an 87%. I finished with 40 minutes to spare too. Thanks for all your help! 

Sue S.


I just received my results of the CPC exam. Passed with 76%!

Yeah! Because of the practice tests and your tips, I powered thru....

My experience with your webinar class was very positive. You have a natural talent for teaching in that you make a very difficult subject understandable. I was amazed at how you could simplify very difficult issues (dumb them down for me) to make everyone understand. And the encouragement was very much appreciated.


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